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Spring Productions!

It's been a busy season here at the W. I'm so grateful that I've had opportunities to create this year and to share things with audiences near and far. Here's what's been going on for me:

- Our production of Oh the Humanity! And other Good Intentions went so well! I loved getting to act again, and working with the wonderful team of actors, directors, and designers put together by Amy Guerin at the University of Alabama - Huntsville was lovely! Head over to my Acting-Production Stills page to see some shots that were captured during our run.

- I spearheaded a major overhaul of the W Theatre Department's marketing media and website. Programs everywhere are working hard to recruit students for undergrad programs, but this facelift is going to get students excited about joining us here in Columbus! Here's a teaser of our new campaign:

- It's been a tough semester for producing a show, but I'm so proud of the whole department pulling together to produce I and You by Lauren Gunderson. We've gotten the Communication department to collaborate with us so we can stream it online sitcom-style. We are the first ensemble to get rights to do the show online as a streaming production! And check out who commented on my Instagram post about the show:

LAUREN GUNDERSON! What?! I was so excited to show that to my students. No pressure now, right? We are just two weeks away from opening and between tornadoes and COVID testing, we are fighting to get to the finish line. But it will be a great show. Come see it on April 16 & 17. Tickets can be found at

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