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Spring Semester is Up and Running!

After a (felt like) short winter break, we are back at it for the spring semester at USC! The grad students will be performing in two mainstage shows, a studio project (Hamlet directed by Steven Pearson) and a dance choreographed by Robyn Hunt. Lot's to do in a short amount of time!

Balance has started rehearsals and I couldn't be having more fun learning to use a rolabola, juggle, and climb ropes - don't worry, I'm in a harness! I definitely never expected to get to work on Irina, so this is an awesome opportunity for me to get to know one of my favorite plays from a new perspective. Balance is such a beautiful show - get tickets now so you don't miss it! Feb 19-26 at the Center for Performance Experiment! And don't forget to follow me on Twitter (@libbyonstage) for more updates and news about Balance!

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