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Much Ado About Graduation

The PCPA Class of 2016

Well, its finally happened. We graduated! So many wonderful things happened in such a short amount of time: we opened Much Ado About Nothing on Thursday, my family arrived from Texas and South Carolina on Friday, we closed Much Ado on Saturday, and graduated on Sunday.

I'm so proud of my cast mates for a fun and creative production of Much Ado, and so grateful to Matt for encouraging me to really lean into making Ursula and Georgina Seacole of the Watch two very different characters. I used two different dialects, two different physicalities, and created two hilarious women in one show! I've never gotten to do physical comedy like I did as the Watch and I'm so glad that this opportunity came up. Working with Matt, Kevin, Natalie, and Alex was one of the highlights of my time at PCPA! (Hopefully I will get some Georgina Seacole pictures to add to the collage soon!)

There is absolutely nothing I would change about the group of men and women I spent the last two years with. Their strength, creativity, and sense of humor kept me going when things were tough and pushed me to bring my best work to everything we worked on. I can't believe how much I've come to love the 30 people I now call my family. They will go far - keep an eye on them!

And now to start the long summer shift towards graduate school in the fall. Luckily, I have YPP and Sense & Sensibility to keep me nice and busy until August 21st!

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