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Welcome to the Dallas Movement Studio

Join theatre artist and educator Libby Hawkins for workshops that explore creating engaged movement from within. DMS workshops offers a variety of movement practices for artists interested in continuing to train their connection between mind, body, and the present moment.

Movement For Actors Introductory Workshop
February 25, 2023 

10 am to 1 pm at Arts Mission Oak Cliff $25 Registration Fee The workshop is focused on mindful movement for the actor and performer, with an emphasis on creating an engaged physical presence with ease, efficiency, and spontaneity. The practices being introduced at this workshop are built from the traditions of Tadashi Suzuki, Viewpoints, modern dance and martial arts, as well as contemporary performance theory. All performers and movement practitioners are welcome; whether you are looking for new tools to add to your mindful movement toolbox or you are curious about how to expand your movement vocabulary onstage, the practices being offered are for artists of all levels looking to continue developing their instrument. *Class size is limited to 25 participants, on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Movement for Actors Participant Registration

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